Q1. How to prepare for GK asked in JSTSE?
Answered by JSTSE Scholar Shivansh Sahoo

GK is a type of subject which has currently got heaps of material in the market. During my preparation, the first problem I faced was actually a questions which was - What is the Best Study Material or Book for GK Questions which are asked in JSTSE?

The only answer I got on the internet was that READING A NEWSPAPER IS A MUST, but does Reading A Newspaper Matter At All?

In my point of view, the answer is a NO

That's because at the end of the day, you don't need that unnecessary extra information to mix in with the valuable information you learnt that day

So that is why I believe that JUST READING A NEWSPAPER is HARMFUL, but if you're reading it SMARTLY then you can possibly achieve THE HIGHEST MARKS in GK Section in the HISTORY of the exam.

And for that you need to do the following things-

  1. Carry out a Full-Blown Analysis of the Previous Years JSTSE Question Paper
  2. Check which topics of GK are asked regularly and which topic has the least number of questions
  3. Do the same for all the Question Papers
  4. For Current Affairs, check which month gives you the MAXIMUM NUMBER of QUESTIONS in GK Section
  5. Again carry out the same for every year
  6. Make A Table In Your Rough Notebook of the Analysis You Had Carried Out in The Above Steps
  7. Stick To That Regime and You'll be Able To Score FULL Marks in Current Affairs Questions in the GK Section GUARANTEED

While Preparing GK Questions, you would come to know of a word known as STATIC GK which is of High Importance in JSTSE

Static GK basically means when GK Questions which are static in nature, that is, won't change in the coming future. For example - Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome or PRRS is related to Pig, this is a clear example of a question of Static GK since the PRRS won't change in the coming future and won't start to take place in animals other than pig.

For those who aren't going to a coaching institute-
Static GK Material accurately for JSTSE is difficult to be found. So I believe, you should study for it from every resource that you are able to get. If you want material for GK + Current Affairs, you can go ahead for the Lakshya Course by JSTSE Guru.

For those who are going to a coaching institute-
They might be getting material for GK from there only.

In my case, I had subscribed to the APEX COURSE which proved to be highly useful in my preparation for JSTSE, I got Study Material, Most Probable Questions etc. for Maths & Science and also Monthly Booklets for GK & Current Affairs which I cannot express HOW USEFUL THEY WERE

At the end, I would like to say that A Dream Does Not become Reality through Magic. It takes Sweat, Determination and Hard Work

  1. Q1. What type of GK Questions are asked in JSTSE?
  2. Q2. How do I study for GK for JSTSE?
  3. Q3. What is the best source for GK for JSTSE?

Q2. What is the level of JSTSE Questions?
Answered by JSTSE Scholar Pranjali Srivastava

Questions asked in JSTSE range in the following way -

Subject Difficulty
GK Cannot Be Predicted (Generally Easy - Medium )
Physics Very Easy - Medium
Chemistry Easy - A Little Above Medium
Biology Very Easy - Easy
Maths Medium - Hard

These are My Views on what the Difficulty Level is, yours might be different.

Q3. What are the best books for JSTSE?
Answered by JSTSE Scholar Rishab Bhattacharya

Students generally ask that 'What is the Best Study Material for JSTSE' or 'What are the Best Books for JSTSE'. What I believe is that if you not only want to clear JSTSE but to conquer it using BOOKS or STUDY MATERIAL, then it should be done in 2 stages. The 2 stages are as follows -

The First Stage

  1. The first stage involves mastering basic concepts and questions which are generally asked in JSTSE
  2. Your first step should involve A Complete Reading of the NCERT "thoroughly"
  3. Your second step should involve the mastering of basic concepts of class 9, this could be done by reading / solving the prescribed books
    • Physics - H.C Verma
    • Mathematics - R.D Sharma
    • Chemistry - NCERT
    • Biology - NCERT

    These books are more than enough to master the basic concepts or to conquer the Final Exams of class 9th

But JSTSE requires a bit more, as a result we move to the Stage 2

The Second Stage / The Final Stage
  1. The stage two requires study material having questions of advanced level (little bit) but related to JSTSE
  2. This can be done by referring to the prescribed books given below
  3. Subject Books for JSTSE
    Maths R.D Sharma
    Physics C.P Singh for Class 11th
    Chemistry Class 11th NCERT + Class 9th Exemplar
    Biology Class 9th NCERT + Some portions of Class 11th NCERT

  1. But the problem that occurs here is that the student as an aspirant doesn't know what to study from these books and what not. As a result students get irritated and some even leave their journey to Conquering JSTSE

If You Follow The Given Tips Wisely & Work Your Fingers To The Bone, There is Absolutely Nothing That Can Stop You From Securing Rank #1 in JSTSE.

Hardwork is required when trying to clear JSTSE either through self study or even if you join a coaching institute. If you want to know about me, I had subscribed to JSTSE Guru's Apex Course which had a lot of material for JSTSE but was extremely good. The Quality of Material Was just Mind-Blowing!

As said by the scholar, every topic that is required for JSTSE, be it from Class 9th or Class 11th is included in the STUDY MATERIAL for JSTSE prepared by JSTSE Guru. Also provided with the Study Material are Practice Questions, Concept Questions, Question Clouds (both solved & unsolved) and also the Most Probable Questions for Forthcoming JSTSE.

Also, if you clear JSTSE your course fee will be returned back to you so your hardowork doesn't go in vain. This brings double advantage as you get a scholarship from the DoE or the Directorate of Education and also Get The Best Study Material (or Best Books) for JSTSE absolutely free of cost.

To Know More About It, Click Here Rewards for Clearing JSTSE

  1. Q1. What are some good books / online material for JSTSE?
  2. Q2. What books are preferred for JSTSE Preparation?

Q4. What were the previous years cutoffs in JSTSE?

Year of Exam JSTSE Cutoff Marks
2014-15 142 Marks
2015-16 140 Marks
2016-17 143 Marks
2017-18 133 Marks
2018-19 140 Marks
2019-20 126 Marks

Q4. What were the previous years results / merit list of JSTSE?
- By JSTSE Guru

Year of Exam JSTSE Cutoff Marks
2015-16 Click Here To Check The Result / Merit List
2016-17 Click Here To Check The Result / Merit List
2017-18 Click Here To Check The Result / Merit List
2018-19 Click Here To Check The Result / Merit List
2019-20 Click Here To Check The Result / Merit List


Q5. How to study for JSTSE or Crack JSTSE?
To Be Answered by JSTSE Scholar & Our Director - Mr. Mehul Srivastava

Please Come Back Later To View The GOLDEN TIPS to Crack JSTSE By The JSTSE Maestro - Mr. Mehul Srivastava

Do Watch The Video On YouTube by JSTSE Guru

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