How To Manage Time Efficiently?

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day: 24 hours. It just depends on how you use it. Let’s face it time is the only resource that is available to everyone equally. Truth be told- nothing else is fair or evenly split. So, if you want to get to the top be sure to give this article a quick read.

We have put together some of the most awesome techniques and methods to help you manage your time better. This article will help you eliminate undesirable habits, help you put a check on procrastination, and help you surf your intellect peaks.

Eliminating the Undesirable Habits:

R.A.C- Record, Analyse, and Change- believe it or not recording your daily habits can do absolute wonders. It actually helps you take note of all the habits you want to eliminate. Just making mental notes doesn’t cut it. Here’s an obvious, yet cool, tip- keep a very small notepad with you throughout the day and take it everywhere with you. We mean EVERYWHERE.

You can find a short guide on how to implement R.A.C by clicking here

Preventing Procrastination

Let’s face it we all have experienced that “I’ll do it tomorrow” feeling. Plus, all of us know that “THAT” tomorrow isn’t coming any time soon. So here are some cool tips to help with that problem.

Making a To-do list- But wait! It’s not your ordinary to-do list. Here’s how you need to do it now.

*Enter Eisenhower Matrix*

As you can see this matrix has four quadrants, so after you’re done labelling each of them as shown in the figure above, it’s time to understand how it works.

  • Important and urgent tasks- have to be dealt with right now
  • Important and non-urgent- are those tasks which you need to schedule in your calendar soon
  • Non-Important and urgent- Need delegation. Assign someone responsible who can do these tasks for you
  • Non-important and Non-urgent- If this list is big, man, you have a lot to de-clutter

Once you master this to-do list there’s very little you can’t complete in time.

Here’s some extra motivation for you to complete prevent procrastination- Click here

Lastly, most important advice, time management is not about cramming a lot of things at once in you’re schedule. It’s about having smart goals which are time-bound to get a lot of quality work done. Remember- quality over quantity.

A few more golden nuggets:-

  1. If you have problem in completing your goals, try following the salami method- break your tasks into the tiniest steps/smallest parts possible and write each of them down. Keep crossing them off as you complete these tiny parts. This creates a positive re-inforcement in your mind that you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

  2. Keep reflecting on your perfomance- Reflecting on the changes you have induced in your lifetime and goals you have achieved does wonders! It helps you appreciate how much you have achieved and believe us it makes you happy and content while bringing a lot of peacefulness- a much needed commodity in today’s day and age.

  3. Take 20 mins to schedule the next day- At the end of the day do take out 20 mins to schedule the NEXT day. Always remember- tomorrow morning should start the night before. It works magic, trust us.

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